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Hi al!l Need some advice California California

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  • Hi al!l Need some advice California California

    Hi everyone,

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I have a few questions regarding some things going on with my job. This is going to be longer than most people will probably want to read but Ill give it a shot and maybe someone can guide me in the right direction anyway.

    1. I work as a sales rep for a well known cell phone company and I am paid hourly & commission. Sometimes when we are unavailable for whatever reason, a colleague may complete transactions on our behalf and we are to give the required information to a manager afterward to forward to the commission corrections team. The problem is, often times they do not actually fix anything. I know they are getting the requests because my supervisors have cc'd me on the e-mails. I have at least 10 transactions where money is owed to me because they have not taken care of the corrections. Also, there are some transactions (like upgrades) that are payable but are unable to be corrected if it is done under someone else's codes. So we never get paid for them. Is this legal? I have brought it up with my manager and through e-mail with the commissions specialist for our region, but no action has been taken.

    2. There is a manager in the company who calls me by a basketball players name. I think he is just trying to be funny, but I don't play basketball and I am not male. I have told him several times not to call me that. He even sent me a random picture of the guy in my work e-mail. I am unsure if he's being racist or just a jackass. Should i go directly to his supervisor? I'm really not one to cause trouble in the workplace. I would hate for there to be tension or drama down the line.

    3. I was informed on my day off about a meeting/training I was supposed to attend the next day at 7AM. I believe my manager called me like 14 hrs before I needed to be at the meeting. The morning of the meeting I was 8 minutes late and when I arrived I was told I could not join because they weren't admitting anyone after 7. Should I still be compensated for my time? 2 of my coworkers were supposed to go too & neither of them even showed up! I have reached out to HR but they have not gotten back to me.

    4. I have a certain coworker who is too flirty. He makes comments about me and our other female colleagues as well as some of the female customers. I have told him his comments & actions are not amusing or welcome. I asked our supervisor not to schedule me with him. I don't want to throw him under the bus for sexual harassment because this person is kind of a friend (and ally at times) but lately it seems he has been trying to see how far he can go with his behavior. A few times he has even tried to hug or kiss me. I know it sounds stupid but I am reluctant to put it out in the open because a while back I was having a medical issue that caused me great stress and he was the only one who offered help or support. Not that I was needed or wanted it, but because I feel like he's a (generally) a good person I don't want to get him into any serious trouble. But I can't go on being uncomfortable around him. What should I do?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    1. It isn't clear, why you would be paid for a commission someone else earned. If someone else made the sale, they would earn the commission. Am I missing something here? If your employer chooses to pay you for work you did not actually perform, they are entitled but it is totally up to their policy on this.

    2. It isn't illegal to give you a nickname. It may be annoying but it isn't illegal. If it really bothers you, try talking to this manager one on one and explanation that this upsets you and ask them to stop.

    3. If you got there late and did not work, you do not have to be paid. The fact that you had 14 hours notice is irelevant and had nothing to do with the reason you did not make it in time.

    4. As with the manager, you need to sit down with this guy and tell him that while you appreciate his friendship, you are not comfortable with him hugging or trying to kiss you. You can not stop him flirting with customers or others. If he continues to try and touch you, you can and should report it to a manager.
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      As Elle said, #1 isn't real clear. Are you maybe saying you made sales/completed
      sales for others that you are not getting paid for? The one making the sale
      generally gets the commission.
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