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Massachusetts unpaid staff meeting

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  • Massachusetts unpaid staff meeting

    i have an exempt employee who has a job description that includes that she has to go to staff mtg. we don't pay her to come since she's exempt. she's refusing now. so before telling her "it's in your job description and we can't pay you because your exempt" i want to make sure that fits mass labor laws

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    There are no laws prohibiting employers from paying exempt employees extra money for attending mandatory meetings outside of their normal working hours. So saying "we can't pay you because you're exempt" is not true, and she will find that out as soon as she does a little legal research of her own. (And then she'll never believe anything you say to her again.)

    Better to say "we're not paying you because the law doesn't require us to pay you" and if she kicks up a fuss add "we may legally fire you for making a fuss and/or not attending the meetings."


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      Refusal to follow instructions is insubordination. It is a separate isssue from whether she should be paid additional for the meeting.

      Personally I would not fall into the "it is your job description argument". If in the future you need to change her duties, her response would be "but that wasn't in my job description when hired".

      If she is correctly categorized as exempt then you need to explain to her that she needs to be at the meetings and if she isn't you will have no choice but to initiate disciplinary action against her. Then when she doesn't go to the meeting you follow through.


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        She has to do whatever her employer tells her to do (as long as it isn't illegal or something of that sort) unless she has a binding employment contract to the contrary. If she doesn't do what she is told, she can be disciplined up to & including

        If she is exempt, she doesn't have to get any additional pay over her regular fixed weekly salary no matter how many hrs. she works (including meetings).
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          Ask her to show you the law, either MA or Federal, that says she has to be paid extra for staff meetings; and/or the law that says she's entitled to decide for herself what meetings she will and will not attend and that the employer can't do anything about it.
          The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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            If she's exempt, she is already being paid for attending this meeting. She's being paid to do her job, regardless of how long that takes. This meeting is a required part of her job.