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  • Work without pay Maryland

    Ok my husbands employer asked him on Monday October 4th, 2010 to pick up another employee from the office and use his personal vehicle and drive 2 hours away to check out some supplys for the company (Company Business) before he was scheduled to work. He was on the schedule at 4pm that day and since he didn't get back from the Company Business until 4:15pm the day crew had to take a call he works on an ambulance he is a driver. He was then asked to punch out at 4:15pm and back in when they get back but during that time they asked him to meet the other crew at the hospital they were having trouble but they were not going to pay him. Now they are not paying him for doing the Company Business he was doing in the morning nor fuel expence and he lost 2 hour of his schedule for doing things for them. Is this against the law to do and if so where do I find it in writing?

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    What exactly does your husband do in his regular job?

    BTW, your post is VERY hard to understand with all those run-on sentences, little capitalization and virtually no punctuation. Can you edit it, please, so it makes more sense?
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      He is an Emergency Medical Tech Driver. Sorry for the confusion. He was asked last Friday by his boss to come to the office on Monday and pick up another employee the Fleet Manager before his scheduled shift that day. They took my husbands truck 2 hours from his work to go look at Emergency Medical Supplies for the company. My husband was not scheduled to work until 4pm that day but since she asked him to go he came and got her at 11:30 am so that he could be back as close to 4 as possible. He did not get back to the office until 4:15 pm and she said he had to clock out then because the other crew member took a call for him and that he could clock back in when they get back. He asked them about fuel money and she said no it was not pre approved and he got a little upset with her. Now they are saying they are not going to pay him the time he took to go look at the supplies either. So to sum it up they asked him to do work for them and now they dont want to pay him. Also he lost 2.25 hours that night because he couldn't go on the schedule until 6:15.


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        He has to be paid for actual hours worked. He does not have to be paid for the schedule. He does not have to paid for one commute (each way) per day.

        Example. Bob drives to SecondaryLocation, 1 hour commute, 1 hour worked, then off duty. Bob then drives to PrimaryLocation, 1 hour commute, 7 hours worked.

        I am not going to mention the "schedule" because legally the schedule is nothing. Commutes are normally unpaid (Portal-to-Portal Act) but because the employer ordered a second disconnected shift the extra commute just become paid. So in the above example, Bob has 9 hours legally worked, plus 1 hour unpaid commute.
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