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Min for weekly hours? South Carolina

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  • Min for weekly hours? South Carolina

    My girlfriend has been an employee in SC for 2 years, as a part time employee, recently they cut back on hours for everyone. After hiring more staff, they have now completely left her off the schedule.

    My question is, is it legal to not give an hours at all to an employee, but not fire them, or lay them off?
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    You should remove the name of your girlfriend's employer; you never know who is reading these boards!

    Has she talked to management to find out why she is off the schedule? That's probably the best first step for her.

    To answer your question, it is perfectly legal in an "at will" state such as SC to not schedule an employee, but not fire or lay him/her off. If management won't give her an answer as to her employment status, she should file for Unemployment and start looking for another position.
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      There is no min. # of hours a full time or part time employee has to be given
      a week unless there is a binding employment contract guaranteeing a min. #
      of hrs. This applies in all states.

      As the other responder stated, she can file for unemployment ins.
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