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  • Promotions California

    I currently work for the city and have seen all the current positions to be in-housed within their own department. The only requirement is a specific amount of hours within a certain classification.

    HR said promotions are based 100% on oral interviews. Two of the panel members are in the department and the 3rd is some where related. The city rules state specifically about how an interview cannot be associated with the applicant beyond reason. These applicants that were promoted worked for the panel members for at least 2 years and counting.

    Currently after complaining about he situation I was even denied an interview for a position with a ranking number of #1.

    Is all that they are doing completely legal?

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    You'll have to ask your union or the Civil Service Commission. According to basic employment law in the private sector, it would be legal. Governments and unions may have additional rules, however.
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      Agree, you'll have to talk to your union/refer to your CBA/any employment agreement for any recourse.
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