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slave labor? Florida

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  • slave labor? Florida

    I'm a local haul truck driver working in the logging industry in Florida I am sometimes required to drive up to 20 hours a day , most days I put in 16-17 and I am expected to go to work on Saturday to do maintenance (usually around 7-8 hours) I know that the hours that I drive are against FDOT regulations but there is no law in the state mandating the use of driver logs for local drivers. What recourse do I have ? My commute is 25 minutes one way and I get home,shower,eat, and go straight to bed and still only get an average 5 hours of sleep a night. That's a safety hazard in itself , but if you figure my wages to my hours , I'm making less than minimum wage on some days. and I have yet to find a clear cut definition of "in service" Does that mean from the time I get in the truck until the time I get out? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    - I do not know FDOT regulations, so no response on that.
    - You have to make minimum wage (on average) for all hours worked during the workweek. You have to be paid overtime for all hours worked past 40 in the workweek. File a wage claim with federal DOL is either of these situations is not true.
    - Commutes are almost never legally hours worked, per a federal law called Portal to Portal. Hours worked generally starts when you arrive at your first work location of the day. Could be the truck, could be where the truck is kept, could be several things. Hours worked stop when you leave your last work location of the day. Bona fide lunch hours are also not hours worked.
    - You are not a slave. You can quit. Slaves cannot quit.
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