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Forced pto during shutdown for exempt employee California

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  • Forced pto during shutdown for exempt employee California


    I read a thread for 2009:

    and I have a follow-up question.

    The questions was can a company force employees to take pto during a shutdown?

    Pattymd pointed out one subtlety:
    "Agree. I would mention, though, that for exempt employees ONLY, if the shutdown is not for a full workweek AND the employee does not have enough PTO time to cover the shutdown, the employee still must be paid."

    My situation is this:
    My company has a holiday on Friday Dec 24th and Monday Dec 27th. The company is then shutting down the rest of that week, Tu-Fri, Dec 28-31.

    Thus, they are shutting down for less than a full week. Does this count as shutting down for less than a full week, given the Monday holiday? It would seem the answer is "yes", since the company only has 4 working days that week, with one declared holiday.

    The question is, would I, as an exempt employee, be entitled to be paid for these days if I did not have enough PTo to cover them?

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    If the employee has done no work in the workweek, the employer is not required to pay an exempt salaried employee at all. Paying one day of pay as a holiday in the workweek doesn't change that.

    So, assuming that YOUR scheduled workweek is fully within the company workweek (for example, it starts on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), the answer is no, you would not legally have to be paid for the 4 shutdown days, even if you did have enough PTO to cover them.
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      Thanks for the fast reply!

      I appreciate the dol link too.