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  • Kentucky PTO laws and policies Kentucky

    Hello. Here is my situation. I work for large group employer in Kentucky. We get holiday pay of 8 hours for 12/25 . My employer will notify us via email usually the week of the holiday to let us know how On December 24th, the company is open for 4 hours only. See sample email below.

    "******** will be closing at noon on Thursday, 12/24/09 Christmas Eve. All employees will leave at noon. As is normal, employees will be paid regular hours through their normally scheduled working hours and those employees who are on PTO will be paid with their PTO time. "

    After getting clarification from our HR manager I am told that employees who have the entire day off per request must use 8 hours of PTO while employees that are scheduled on that day will only work 4 hours and be the remaining 4 hours per regular schedule instead of having to use PTO.

    I feel that the employees who had requested this day off and had it approved off should only have to use 4 hours of PTO time since the office is only open for 4 hours on this day.

    Employees who are scheduled on that day are awarded 4 hours of free PTO while those scheduled off are penalized by using 8 hours PTO time for a 4 hour workday!

    Is this legal? Is my company allowed to practice this policy without any restrictions?

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    It is not only legal, it is quite common.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      I guess I wonder how this is different from any other situation. If I am scheduled off on a 4 hour work day then I would only have to use 4 hours, 8 hour workday, 8 hours, 6 hour workday, 6 hours..etc. Would it be legal for an employer to make me use more time than the office is open on any other day?


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        There is no law against it.

        Letting employees go early before a holiday is a nice gesture, especially for those who stuck around to work right up until the holiday. I suspect if the company gets too much complaining about being nice, they will be less inclined to be nice in the future.

        The flip side is that those who actually worked that day may resent those who took off the whole day but only had to use half a day of leave. Essentially the company is subsidizing their vacation.
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