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manager telling me he is not going to pay me Nevada

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  • manager telling me he is not going to pay me Nevada

    My manager told me today he was not going to pay me for my work yesterday in its entirety. I worked 6 or so hours, drove back to the office (i get paid for drive time i know that) and did my paperwork and such. i wrote out on my time sheet i left at 4:30 giving me 8.3 hours. he was *****ing about the overtime and has been, then told me he wasn't going to pay me for the hour and a half i was in the office because:
    "you could have done that in 30 minutes, i'm not paying you for an hour and a half."
    i just stood there, i did not agree or disagree to it. i have a copy of my time sheet.

    i think i should approach him and tell him it is NOT ok to edit my time card according to his beliefs and if i don't get my full pay as documented (and can be verified by the gps in my truck) then i will contact the labor board.


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    If you are a non-exempt employee, you have to be paid for all hours/time worked. Your employer can discipline you up to & including termination for working unauthorized time but you have to be paid.
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      Overtime Pay May Not Be Waived: The overtime requirement may not be waived by agreement between the employer and employees. An agreement that only 8 hours a day or only 40 hours a week will be counted as working time also fails the test of FLSA compliance. An announcement by the employer that no overtime work will be permitted, or that overtime work will not be paid for unless authorized in advance, also will not impair the employee's right to compensation for compensable overtime hours that are worked.
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