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Indiana. Going from salary to hourly without notification Indiana

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  • Indiana. Going from salary to hourly without notification Indiana

    I Went from Salary to hourly without notification from my employer. Anybody been there?

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    Salary and hourly are just payment methods, and do not mean much by themselves. Of more interest was your Exempt vs. Non-Exempt status changed? If (for example) you used to treated as Exempt Salaried and have been changed to Non-Exempt Hourly, that would tend to raise the possible question if you were ever legally Exempt.

    Of lesser concern is the "without notice" aspect. Absent a contract or CBA to the contrary, employers can generally change compensation agreements on a go-forward basis. Retroactive changes are legally problematic (if not prohibitted), but assuming that the change was otherwise legal on a go forward basis, then we are talking about at most a single pay period in potential violation of a state law.

    Your state is not my state and I cannot speak to any specifics of your state's laws.
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      Thanks.....Just going to have to make the adjustments and be lucky to have the Job at this stale moment in the economy. Nice forum site folks.


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        Why was the change made?

        Were you the only one affected?

        I can envision a couple of scenarios.

        One is with an employee improperly classified as exempt and being changed. Ideally, the company would then go back and make pay adjustments for overtime worked (which might be an estimate if accurate records of time worked were not kept and such records are not legally required for exempt employees).

        The other scenario is when an exempt employee abuses the system, rarely works more than 40 hours a week and shaves a few hours here and there that either get charged to PTO or, if PTO is not available, gets paid for partial day absences. The abuse is corrected when the employee gets paid not by the week but by the hour.
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          Would you let us know please if you went from exempt to non-exempt. Thanks.
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