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personnel record taken of premises for 2 weeks Illinois

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  • personnel record taken of premises for 2 weeks Illinois

    I work for a hospital in Illinois. My supervisor quit and was escorted out on her 2nd to last day of employment for suspicion of altering documents. When escorted out, she advised her supervisor that she had some personnel files at her house. She was instructed to mail them back asap. Two weeks later, she delivered them to a non-employee and that non -employee delivered them to our dept. I went to our HR and told them of this since the personnel file in question was mine. No action has been taken. This past employee is working for another company and was recently back in our hospital last week. They could not conclusively prove that she altered documents, but are sure she did. How can she be allowed back at our site and why doesn't anyone seem to care that my personnel records were at a ex-employee's house for two weeks? I have no idea who may or may not have looked in my file, which contains my social security number and date of birth. I don't know what to do next, and this is bothering me terribly.

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    Nothing illegal has occured. Overall, she shouldn't have done what she did and you may or may not agree with allowing her back on-site. Very poor controls and, in my opinion, poor management, but there is no law that says any of this is illegal, except for medical information which was learned through the Group Insurance Plan, which shouldn't have been in the primary personnel files anyway.

    I'm not sure what you want the employer to do.
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