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Sick leave and PTO usage while on termination in Illinois Illinois

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  • Sick leave and PTO usage while on termination in Illinois Illinois

    I have been reading your suggestions and much appreiated your help to the needed people.

    I work in IL state as a hourly employee. I earn PTO and Sick time based on my worked hours. My company informed employees use of PTO. As per the notification we loose it if don't use it.

    last year they did not allow me to use my PTO as they say they were short of staff at the client place. We as consultants work for different clients for the company. My request was rejected and then I was forced to loose it. The PTO was not given as company benefit. I earn PTO or sick hours based on my work hours. Do I legally eligible to file a claim?

    I gave notice to get out of the company. I was sick for two days while I was on termination notice. Now they say I won't paid for sick usage as I was on the temination notice. but I have never notified that sick won't be used while on notice period. All my PTO and sick hours are earned hours.

    I have signed on the polciy that says the employee will not be paid if they do not show up in work. If they need off they have to call the office. But I have notified thru email that I was sick. Infact I was not able to call them. With that taking advantage and not pay.

    Do I have any right legally argue on these points?
    Your comments really appreciated.
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    Since you didn't work the 2 days, you don't have to be paid for them. Many companies disallow employees to use leave during the notice period. It would be nice if they told you this up front, but it is legal.

    Sick leave does not have to be paid out at termination and may be "lost".
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