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No Remuneration?? Dublin-Ireland

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  • No Remuneration?? Dublin-Ireland

    Hello guys, ive been here a long time, but this is the first time i have ever felt the need to post, as i don't have any idea else where to turn as my solicitor is not being exactly helpful, and seeing as you guys seem to be so helpful to others i thought i could ask for advice... Heres the story

    I am a composer of children’s songs; for years I have been trying to get noticed. I sent sheet music and lyrics, with a demo CD of eight of his songs (deleted) to several record companies with no luck. Hoping to make a name for myself I also sent it to a couple of TV stations, along with a letter giving them permission to use the songs free of charge. (Not very smart i know)

    (deleted), the producer of TV8’s childrens’ programme “(deleted)”, felt that she could get viewers loyalty by using one of my songs each week, as a series on exotic animals.

    She has started immediately, by inserting a new slot in “(deleted)”, featuring young performers singing and dancing to my music and lyrics, each song from the demo to be shown over the next eight weeks.

    She then wrote to me to ask for some more material. The letter reads as follows:

    “Dear Jason,

    we have been impressed with your educational approach to children’s entertainment. We would like to thank you for letting us use your eight demo songs, for which we will be happy to give you 2500 Euros. It would also be great if you could send us some more material; we could start with another similar series on domestic animals that would also be used on a weekly basis, for which you would be remunerated 500 Euro per week over a ten week period […] Yours sincerely, (name).”

    Delighted with this opportunity, I sent a first batch of new songs on the 1st of May. Due to an error of An Post, the package was directed to Easter Island first. It eventually reached TV8 on the 23d of May. However the latter was beginning to face serious financial difficulties and had decided to scrap the musical slot of “(deleted)”. (name) officially sent a note to me on the 30th of April telling me not to send any further works, which i had received a week later

    (name) refuses to pay me as i am now asking for the remuneration I was expecting.

    So I am in a predicament, if anyone could help me by defining the points of law i am clearly missing here it could REALLY help me out. Ive studied law in past college years so do not be afraid of jargon and that, but unfortunately it was never at this degree. Thanks a lot guys.
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    Where was the work performed? If not the U.S., I doubt very seriously anyone here is going to be able to help you.
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      Thats a real shame, it was in Ireland - any advise is welcome


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        This site is pretty much limited to US law, and the law in Ireland is very different. I don't think anyone here has any knowledge that can help you.

        For your own protection, I have deleted all identifying information from your post.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.