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Travel time from home office Colorado

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  • Travel time from home office Colorado

    My husbands is a construction surveyor and his employer requires that my husband have all his eqipment at home, plugged in/charging and using our electricity, and dispatch to job sites from home, he will also be installing laptops in the company trucks, so they can download plans before they arrive on the job site. He is telling all employees that they will not be paid for travel time to the job site, that they will begin to be paid when on site and they log onto the computer equpment there. Is this legal, since he is actually technically being forced to have a "home office"?

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    California is the only state that requires employers to reimburse business related expenses.

    You make an interesting argument on the "home office" and commuting, but I am fairly certain that federal DOL would not agree that maintaining a home office separate from the normal day job makes the federal Portal-to-Portal act go away - if so, everyone would claim a home office and all commute time would be compensable.

    I have no idea what rules if any Colorado has on this subject.
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