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Medical Limitations? Pennsylvania

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  • Medical Limitations? Pennsylvania

    I work in a warehouse that has a mandatory steel-toe policy. I have recently been given medical limitations by my doctor. I have a calcium build-up on my Achilles tendon. In the limitations it states that I have to wear open back shoes. My question is can my employer fire me or tell me that I can't work there because of this? If they do what are my options? If they let me go(fire me) can they fight me from receiving unemployment? Thank you for your time.

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    I can't imagine a warehouse that would permit you to wear open back shoes. It simply isn't safe. If this isn't a temporary condition for which you might qualify for a temporary leave under FMLA to heal, then there may not be another option. Under ADA your employer must make reasonable accommodations for legitimate disabilities but I am not seeing how the inability to wear shoes with a heel back qualifies.

    Your employer does not decide who gets UC, it is up to the state. They may appeal but then again, so can you. It is likely that you would qualify.
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