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Is this acceptable? Michigan

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  • Is this acceptable? Michigan

    I am a full-time salaried employee for a small (10-15 people) company. My job requires a lot of travel, in addition to regular duties. As a salaried employee, is there any limit as to how much I am required to work? If I've been approved a vacation day (and have it in writing), is it legal for my employers to take it away to meet the needs of a client? I'm fairly sure MI favors the employers, but I wanted to double-check to see if I had any recourse, or if I'd just get fired if I argued.

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    Salaried is just a pay method. If you are exempt, then you can work as many hours as there are in a day. If you are non-exempt, your employer still sets the hours but you earn OT after 40 in a week.

    Yes they can take back a vacation day even if it was previously approved. No state guarantees the employee the ability to use vacation when they prefer. It would be legal to change their mind in any state.
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