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Vacation in Md. please respond Maryland

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  • Vacation in Md. please respond Maryland

    I requested my vacation 4 weeks in advance for two weeks. My employer said it was fine as long as I request in email. I have already taken and entered two weeks into system because it has been two weeks. After my vacation I will be working Sat, Sunday and Tuesday. Wednesday I will be handing in my resignation. Is my company required to pay my PTO since it has been approved and entered into system before resignation.

    I did not give my two weeks notice for fear of having to go to court to get paid vacation. Am I handling this the right way?


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    What does the company policy say about using vacation in the XX time period prior to resignation/last day worked? My previous MD employer had rules about this.

    What does the company policy say about any risk of forfeiture of accrued vacation payout at termination? Has there been a practice at this company in the past of not paying it? I'm just trying to figure out why you were jumping through hoops.
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      It depends upon what your company's policy is on this. They don't have to pay for those 2 weeks as you weren't working. They may but are not legally obligated to do so.
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