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Withholding pay in Colorado

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  • Withholding pay in Colorado

    I recently had an internship in CO. My place of employment rented an apartment for myself and the other 2 interns (we shared a 3 bedroom apt.) We all interned for the past 6 months and our last day was Aug. 11, 2007. The carpet in the apartment had gotten very dirty around the doorway while we lived there. The apartment complex has charged my place of employment for replacing the carpet, also my place of employment lost their deposit ($200). Now, the place I interned at is charging all three of us interns for the carpet and their loss of security deposit. Until we pay they are with holding our pay check. We got paid 2x a month, and we were on salary. Can they with hold our pay?
    And can they even charge us because they aren't getting there deposit back? We never signed anything at the beginning saying we will pay for any damage or anything. But like I said, it's only the carpet that is ruined with dirt by the front door.
    If I would have been aware that we would be responsible for the carpet I would have made sure the other guys took there shoes off outside!

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    No they can't hold your paycheck but they certainly can take you to small claims court for the damages, not to mention give you a less than favorable reference in the future if you don't make good on the damages. Carpet should not need to be replaced after 6 months of 3 adults living in the space. It is just good common sense that if your employer is paying for the place, you need to take very good care of it.
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