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Resignation vs termination Kentucky

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  • seeker8
    started a topic Resignation vs termination Kentucky

    Resignation vs termination Kentucky

    I've been working with a company as a manager for close to 10yrs and this year's been rough with lots of staff turnover. My circumstance is: I quit when my boss started an investigation because I saw it as one more hurdle, now I find out that 3 days after I quit, I was "terminated with cause". I have not talked with anyone since I quit. There were no questions to me about allegations, no investigation conclusions. I know that this is an "at will" employment, I question the ability to "terminate with cause" days after I resigned.
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  • ScottB
    And the question is?

    If you file for unemployment, your resignation would likely disqualify you from getting it. The employer is attempting to show that you were fired for misconduct, I guess. Bad move on their part.


    Make life difficult for them.

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