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Classified Part-time but working Full-time Hours??? Wisconsin

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  • Classified Part-time but working Full-time Hours??? Wisconsin

    Where I am employed, you are classified as full-time at 32.5 hours. Part-time is anything short of that. Often our part-time people will work right up to 32.25 hours. However, a few of them have been working full-time hours off and on throughout the year. How often can an employer have a part-time person work full-time hours and not change the classification to full-time? It doesn't seem fair that they are putting the hours in but are not getting the benefits. Would it make any difference if the person was classified as a contingent worker (temp worker)?

  • panther10758
    When I was managing a Department for a retailer I was told not to have my part time staff exceed part time hours over three consecutive weeks. Your saying this is on and off. Therefore they cannot reclassify the workers as "full time" They can enjoy the extra hours or seek employment elsewhere but there is no wrongdoing that I can see

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