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OT- "sticky"-Rules to Follow In the Workplace

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  • OT- "sticky"-Rules to Follow In the Workplace

    Any State.
    I see the majority of posts do not deal with labor law, but rather workplace politics. Most of these posts that I read do not involve descrimmination or not being paid for their time worked,ect, but rather being on the short end of not being socially accepted, and as a result, pay a price.
    1st we all learn in our younger lives that we always stick up for those who we like and/or are friends with-always give them free passes for wrongs despite doing same wrongs others we less desire do. Those we do not like/enemies ,we do what we can to hurt them any way we can-ya know those that always complian, start trouble, make things difficult for the entire group, ect...
    Same goes in the workplace, and yes, somethings never change in the course of life. Preference and social acceptance does not change with age or experience. Adults will always favor those that are likable as well as kids do.
    Although I am certain there are those who take alot of crap at work "unjustly"(while not illegally), I would put money down that alot that post ask for the treatment they get. Sugar coat it all they want with fairness, but like everything else, the workplace does require certain rules to follow to make the workday as bearable as possible.
    So I would like to start a post "Workplace Rules" as means of a guidline to prevent some "legal" harassment, while others respond and add to the list of "rules". If this is not the direction desired for this website CBG please delete with applogies. These are assuming to prevent "legal" harrassment
    1) Do not make enemies at work. You will need people to stick up for you when mistakes are made and make the bows less severe.
    2) Never attempt to embarrass supervisors/managers. Of course they make mistakes!. Mistake-free is not why they are leaders. Attempting to point out "hypocrisy" will only make matters worse for you, and since they most-likey have connections with higher bosses those higher bosses will know about your mistakes. Also they may not be a higher producer then you. Again, prodctivity standards may not be why they are managers-top producers arent always the best leaders.
    3) Do not complain constantly. If there are serious issues then schedule a sit-down. DOnt take matters and throw arms in the air daily. If you do you are asking for trouble, and most-likey they will give you the most difficult assignments and make it harder to succeed.
    4) Do not be the work "police officer". Worry more about what you need to get done. When you see others break policies in a minor way, dont ask/tell. EVen managers dont want to hear about it and deal with it. There is alot more important things that have to be attended to.
    5) Just be simply respectful to managers from the start. Of course there may be times where he/she may get out of line, but there are proper channels to take rather then salvaging pride publicly. EVeryone takes heat at work, so dont make a scene infront of eveyone else as it would hurt you more then he/she.
    6) Hang out after hours!- You would be surprised how many doors of oppurtuniy(promotional and leinancy oppurtunity) can come out of it. Despite all this "on the job" seriousness, people WILL take personal relationships into consideration during tough times.
    Please add to list!
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    Your options in the workplace are the three "L's"- Live with it, Lobby for change, or Leave. Screaming for an attorney will do no good most of the time.

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    Don't ever forget Boss's Day!

    1) Don't be the office gossip.
    2) Congratulate others for doing a good job, getting a promotion, passing an exam, etc.
    3) Smile & be friendly to everyone.
    4) Have some fun at work (though not at anyone else's expense) but still get the job done.
    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Leo Buscaglia

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