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"Notice Pay"? Virginia

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  • "Notice Pay"? Virginia

    I work for a government IT contractor where my company assigns me to work with the client. A week ago (07/23) we are told that my company lost the contract during the rebidding process. A new contractor will come in and pick up most of my coworkers, starting Aug. 1st.

    My employer told us to hurry up and apply with the new contractor. However, I decided to stay with my company of 6 years, and will go wherever they assign me to. HR and my managers sound pretty acceptive to this idea. I told HR I have some holiday hours left; and before they find me a new position I can use those hours. HR said I don't even have to use the hours, and mentioned something about "notice pay."

    I am not quite sure what it is; and what my company's obligations are to me. I only have a day or two left, what is going to happen?

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    We have no idea. These issues are completely controlled by employer policy; the law doesn't require any of it.
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