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Hostile Environment Missouri

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  • Hostile Environment Missouri

    Here is a cheery one. A relative's wife of five years left him and took the kids and most of their worldly posessions and moved in with her new boyfriend. The new boyfriend is my relatives boss!

    The relative is now humiliated at work but at least he understands why the boss had been so interested in seeing he and his wife socially and worked so hard to befriend him. My relative verbalized a complaint about his bosses behavior and put in a request for transfer and it was denied. Now he either quits his job or suffers extreme mental anguish everyday he goes to work.

    Is the employer responsible for creating a hostile environment and doing nothing to remediate it? There has been teasing, false rumors and gossip as you can imagine. Some of the teasing has been, well vulgar. Comments please.

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    This is not a hostile work environment. That has a specific legal meaning (usually having to do with pervasive sexual harassment) and does not apply here. I can only suggest that your friend look for a new job elsewhere. Anyone would certainly understand that his current situation is untennable. Nothing illegal has transpired however.


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      No, it isn't sexual harassment or a hostile environment as the law defines it. A Jerry Springer episode, maybe, but not a legal case.

      I'd be looking for a new job pronto. Small consolation I'm sure but the boss looks 10 times worse for what happened than the relative.
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