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    Two weeks ago - my 12 hour shift was made into a 12.5 hour shift to accomodate a 30 min lunch break. I work with one other partner, for safety issues and patient care issues we work in pairs.

    We were originally told that a "slot" would be blocked to allow us to leave our area and get lunch. I've been told by a co-worker that its too expensive to block a spot per our Director. We have been instructed to punch no lunch if we do not get 30 mins - but to "try" not to do that too many times as HR will get upset. In other words, "tough" - be here for 12.5 hours because they decided it looked good on paper. It seems a trite unfair. Not illegal unless we don't get time to eat and have pay deducted? I'm sure there will be blacklash - when they see everytime we work we just gain 30 mins pay.

    In the past we just ate on the go - we ate when it was slow - off times - hopefully we brought food if it was when the cafeteria was closed.

    There is another in the same department that during her lunch has to carry a pager - just in case. I feel she is still working - and should not have to have pay deducted. Should she still be getting her normal wage in this instance? Or a nominal "on-call" fee - that is given when someone is normally on-call here?
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    In Michigan, only minors are entitled by law to a lunch break, regardless of how many hours you work.

    If you do not take a lunch break, you have to be paid for all the time; they cannot deduct pay for a break you have not taken. But they can discipline or even fire you for taking unauthorized breaks.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.