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Labor warranty Massachusetts

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  • Labor warranty Massachusetts

    I panited a house two years ago. The customer was happy when I left
    I just received a summings from the customer for small claims court they are stating that the paint failed and hired another contractor to paint the house again. They never contacted me to fix the problem or call the paint company
    What are my opitions?

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    You might be able to get some advice here, but your problem is not an employment law issue.

    Your best bet is to get a lawyer that can defend you. Assuming you did not alter the paint, then maybe the folks that produced it could be on the hook.
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      ScottB is correct! This is not an employment issue.

      There are other forums on this site that may better fit your question. Try reposting to the Legal Lounge.

      I also recommend consulting a lawyer. I assume you had a contract with your client to paint the house. I suggest locating your contract and having a lawyer look it over.