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30 min lunch California

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  • 30 min lunch California

    I currently work in the imaging field in health care. Most exams my coworkers and I perform on patients take about 30-45 min. Our lunch time was recently decreased from 45 min to 30 min because our employer said that labor laws state that we have to take a short break in the morning and afternoon and that we're only allowed a 30 min lunch break. I'm trying to find out if there is any way that we can ommit our morning and afternoon break (which we usually don't get anyway) and just keep our 45 min lunch. We are willing to sign a contract with our employer but have been told that we have to follow the state of California's labor laws. I guess I just feel that if I'm supposed to have "break time" during the day that I should be able to choose when I want to use that time.

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    Nope. The law provides that 30 minutes is a valid, legal meal period and doesn't require any more than that. If the employer chooses to reduce your lunch period from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, he can certainly do that legally.

    And the rest breaks are also required by law. If he doesn't provide them, he's subject to fines and penalties, even if you do "waive" them; the waiver is, generally speaking, irrelevant. You do not get to take the break whenever you want, either. The law specifies the general time period when the rest breaks are to be provided.
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