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COBRA Law In SC South Carolina

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  • COBRA Law In SC South Carolina

    Can anyone tell me how the COBRA continuation coverage works? My fiancÚ wants to retire but he is worried about benefits when he does. Doesn't his company have to offer him the chance to continue his benefits for a pre-determined amount of time? Also, can they arbitrarily charge him whatever they want for the same benefits he has now? It seems to me they have given him an unusually high monthly amount.

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    If your fiance' voluntarily leaves his job, generally speaking, he would be eligible for COBRA coverage.

    No, the company ISN'T allowed to just arbitrarily charge what they want for his current coverage. COBRA coverage cost will make your jaw drop because not only are you paying your cost of the premium, but you are also paying the company's portion. Let me illustrate. Let's say your employer sponsored health plan payroll deducts a total of $250 for single coverage monthly. The total cost for that plan is $1000 per month, but as a benefit of being employed there, they are footing 75% of the bill. The bill that you would receive could be as high as $1020, as they are allowed to charge up to a 2% administrative fee.

    I hope this helps.


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      Yes it does help. Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


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        Thank you for your prompt reply.

        We have looked into private insurance but since we each have serious illnesses, the costs are astronomical.

        Our best bet seems to be having him move back to Canada with me where he can apply for landed immigrant status and government health benefits.