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Former Employer Masquerades Has Employee California

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  • Former Employer Masquerades Has Employee California

    Hi All,

    My question is 2 parts and I would like to get thoughts and/or suggestions on the proper course of action to rectify this.

    The company I worked for previously provided services to clients worldwide. I left the company due to the owners habit of verbally humiliating employees in the presence of others. In my case, it was the "final straw".

    I now work for one of my former company's clients.

    1. I left my former employer (a start-up Co. with 3-4 emp.) and later learned that the owner of the Company was corresponding with clients using my email address and signature. The owner *attempted* to write in a manner similar to my style of writing. My present employer received this email and is aware that I did not write it.

    What, if any, recourse is available?

    2. My new employer contacted me recently to say that my former employer called and expressed surprise that I was working for them, didn't know I'd left his company, that I was under contract, would take unspecified actions, etc.

    I forwarded my new employer the confirmation of resignation letter provided to me by my former employer and this has closed the matter with my current employer.

    What is the best way to indicate to my former employer that he is behaving unprofessionally, treading on thin ice, violating the law, etc?

    I appreciate the help with this and any references to further reading/research.

    James C.
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    Because your former employer is stating known untruths as fact, you may have a slander/libel case (depending on the method of communication).

    I would get an attorney to send a cease and desist letter stating that you will pursue all legal remedies if the situation persists.
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

    I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

    Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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      Thank you for the reply. I will investigate the slander/libel aspect and discuss this with an attorney.

      James C.