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Exempt in Illinois told what to put on time sheet Illinois

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  • Exempt in Illinois told what to put on time sheet Illinois

    I am exempt and have to fill in a bi-weekly time sheet; no problem.

    I will have weeks when I work 60 hours; again, no problem.

    BUT I am told that I cannot put the hours I worked on the time sheet, only 8 hours for the days I worked.

    My big problem here is that if they violate my exempt status, I am eligible for back pay. They are making me sign a false document that would say I have never worked overtime.

    I also don't like that I have to put sick time by the hour. I thought that is I worked that day, I am considered to have worked my time(?)

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    Nothing says you can't keep track of the actual hours you work on your own. If it comes down to an investigation, the DOL is not likely to buy that every exempt employee worked exactly 8 hours every single day without exception. If you aren't sure you are exempt, that is another situation entirely. Why do you beleive you are misclassified?

    Yes, you can be charged sick (or vacation, personal, holiday, etc.) leave by the hour and not have it affect your exempt status. Perfectly legal. If you are out of leave to use, they may not dock those hours unless the time off is due to FMLA, but the DOL doesn't care what bucket it comes from as long as you get the full pay for the day.
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      Exempt question

      I question my exemption in that I work on computer systems, but I am not management. I report to a director, make no real decisions about budget (though I do influence it), I am the only computer tech for our orginization, and I have the title "IT Technician". My primary resposibility is to fix computers. It's just me with 5 campuses and 100 computers. One is an emergency center that is 24/7.

      The fact that I cannot find the time to do more than fix computers makes me believe that I am not a "computer analyst" as the exception to the exempt rule states. I make 62K if that makes a difference and I believe I am the only non-director in the organization that is exempt.

      My boss consistently states the I am "a bargain" especially when we talk about the amount of hours I work.


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        If you believe you are misclassified, you should take it up with the DOL.
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