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Double Standards - Legal?? California California

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  • Double Standards - Legal?? California California

    I have a general question regarding double standards. Is it legal?
    I work in a department where non-minorities are allowed excessive tardiness/absenteeism (copied on emails) and management does not address it. While minority employees are subjected to a rigorous process of requesting time off.
    Non minorities are allowed to shift their work to other employees or often times not assigned anything but minorities are considered "troublemakers" or insubordinate if the issue is raised.

    Is this legal? thanks.

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    You will have to give us facts and details if you want an answer.

    Hypothetical questions are useless.
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      If the reason that employees are being treated differently is their minority/ non-minority status, then it is a violation of the law. If certain managers are more strict than others on policies or certain positions do not lend themselves to a person being late or switching shifts, that is legal. Unless it truly is all non-minorities being allowed to do something that the minorities are not, which almost never happens, you really need to look at it case by case.
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