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  • need help!

    I gave notice of leaving to my employer on Wed. and on Fri. he called me into his office and gave me lay-off papers. On Mon. before lay-off one person was hired to do the same work I was doing. Also, one week prior, two other people were hired. My main concern is the papers say reason for lay-off was because of reduction in force. How can this be true if 3 people were hired within a two-week period prior? I have been w/ company for 19 mo. and need some advice- please help! Forgot to say my notice was for mid-April (5 weeks notice) for leaving company.
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    nothing ilegal

    What he did is not ilegal, he is simply giving you an oportunity to collect unemployment by not Firing you with cause or having you quit, which eliminates your UI eligibility.
    What is veiwed is not always what is seen and
    what is heard is not always what is spoken!
    ~M. Noitall~