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please help explain North Carolina

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  • please help explain North Carolina

    I was terminated from my job and filed for ui, but was denied so I appealed. However I do not understand the reasons given for my denial. The first one, which did not show up on my first denial letter says "left work without good cause attributable to the employer" and the second reason is "misconduct in the work". Neither one of these are anywhere near why I was terminated. I worked in a bank and made a mistake cashing a check for the wrong amount, was written us and told it was the first and last warning, anything else would be reason for termination. 2 or 3 weeks later I was out of balance. But 2 weeks went by before I was called into the mgrs office and told I was terminated. It was at the end of the day, so after being counted and audited, I gave my keys and alarm to the mgr and left. I never said anything except that I knew the firing was coming. And that was said while I was in the mgrs office being fired. So how does either one of those reasons fit with this situation. I would appreciate help with these reasons because I do not understand them. It makes it sound like I just left the job for no reason and that I did something very bad.

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    You were terminated for "cause" which is why you were denied UI in NC. You can appeal the decision but by your posting your termination will be supported in appeal unless you can provide something else of substance that changes the reason for the termination.