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What are my rights as a contract employee? Oregon

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  • What are my rights as a contract employee? Oregon

    I hired on with a company based in Houston, TX as a contract employee. I agreed to a job located in Philadelphia PA for an indefinite amount of time. I am a resident of Oregon and had decided to make Philadelphia my home after the job had finished.

    I worked the job for 6 weeks and was let go by the client. (the employer) asked me to continue working for them on another job in the state of LA. I had no interest in working in LA or with (the employer) unless they had work in Philadelphia. They did not have other jobs in Philadelphia, so I declined their offer for work in LA. I wanted to stay in Philadelphia and found another job with another company in Philadelphia.

    I filed for unemployment insurance until the new job started (2 weeks from the time of my dismissal). My unemployment insurance claim was initially granted by State of Oregon, the employer appealed this decision. After the appeals process, my claim was denied by the ALJ.

    I explained during the appeal, I had setup household in Philadelphia, and due to personal obligations (my children), I had no interest in leaving Philadelphia to start anew in LA. During the appeal, an employer rep. stated, I was not hired as a contract employee but as a regular employee. I did not receive the benefits of a regular employee at the time of hiring (vacation time, health, 401k), nor was I offered any. I had a signed contract for the job in Philadelphia, but did not present this as evidence. (I know this was a huge mistake on my part, and as of now, I am unable to locate this contract). The judge stated in his decision, that I declined work and my claim was denied.

    What are my rights as a contract employee or as a regular employee? Are my 14th amendment rights being violated? Did the judge violate my rights in his ruling? Am I obligated to take work in another state, even though I initially took work out of my home state? What is my recourse, if any?

    I work nothing but contract jobs, and this is the first time something like this has happened to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please be as brutally honest as possible, thanks.