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Wages, W2 - West Virginia

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  • Wages, W2 - West Virginia

    I have a couple questions. Can an employer not pay overtime because an employee accidently screwed up his time card? We do have cameras so he know when we come and go. And my employer "lost" my W-2 forms and I have still yet to receive them. So who can I contact to help me out with my problems?

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    He can discipline or even fire you for filling out your time card incorrectly but you do have to be paid for all the time you worked, including overtime. If you are unable to work this out with the employer, the agency to contact is your state DOL.

    The IRS will not take any complaints about W-2's that are unreceived until February 15. But that's only two days away, so if it hasn't been found by then, you can give them a call.
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