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does an employer have to tell you they used your vacation days - CA California

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  • does an employer have to tell you they used your vacation days - CA California

    I've been working for about a year in California at a local magazine and was scheduling my 10 days vacation time with my supervisor. He told me i did not have ten days, i had just 5. I asked what he meant and he told me that 5 of the days were used to cover the time the office was closed during Christmas.

    I understand that they are legally able to use your vacation days to cover holidays. my question is, is it legal to do so with out your knowledge?

    In the industry i work in (publishing) it is common practice for the office to be closed during the holiday season for a week or more because there are no publications during that time, and it is standard procedure to be paid during this break, so i never thought or was told otherwise. Also, i my boss had known about the ten days i needed off for a vacation i planned well before Christmas and never mentioned that i would only have 5 left (because of the 5 for Christmas) till right when i was scheduling the exact dates of my leave several months after Christmas.

    FYI It is a small office and we have no written vacation agreement, strictly an oral agreement.

    Is this legal? Do i have any recourse?

    Thanks any help is great!

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    Originally posted by arcoarco View Post
    Is this legal? Do i have any recourse?
    You were paid for a week that you did not work and you are complaining?
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      Definitely legal. You may want to ask your boss if you can take the 5 days off as unpaid leave. Especially if the boss knew about it before, he may be more flexible.