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  • Confused in Maryland Maryland

    I have a question we here at work all seemed to be confused on. We work for a contractor who does work for the Federal Government. We are salried employees. On the death of President Ford the Federal Government closed. We are not allowed at our work site due to this closure. Our company informed us we had one pay period to make this time up or take the day leave without pay. Is this correct? We thought if you were and exempt employee and could not work due to closure the company could not make you make up the time. Please advise.

    Thanks Chuck

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    You are correct in that, generally speaking, exempt employees must be paid for a regularly scheduled workday when the company is closed and you are not allowed to come in to work.
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      If you are exempt, your employer must pay you for the day. Since for some unknown reason salaried nonexempt is prevalent in the government contract sector, I'm not sure whether this applies to you or not. Do you receive OT?

      Even if you were eempt, your employer could require that you make up the hours or work, they just could not dock you pay for that one day. They could charge you vacation for it.
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        Is your job covered by a wage determination under the Service Contract Act?

        If so, you should have been paid for the day.
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