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CA law (If any) on clothing

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  • CA law (If any) on clothing

    Ok got asked this today didnt have an answer. I was asked by a Loss Prevention Professional who is "required" to dress a certain way. He is under the impression that a California law exists on this that might apply. He is required (according to him) to wear "shiny shoes" or polished. Now asking a person to wear "dress shoes" is one thing but many dress shoes look very nice but dont require being polished or maybe based on material cant be. Now the California law he believes exist he believes makes this request an issue for business to resolve and that they (the business) must provide the item in this case shoes. they are to look professional (others in store not) and polished shoe sis one requirement. so does this law exist if so can someone provide me a link to it so I can print it to take to him.

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    Your friend is wrong. There is no such law. This is a simplification but essentially, if he could wear an item of clothing as street clothes, then it's dress code and the employer has no obligation to pay for it. If the employer required that he wear a blue shirt with "Bob's Pizza" embroidered on it, that would be a uniform and the employer would have to pay. But "shiny shoes". Nope, sorry. Tell your friend to check out Payless.


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      In general, if we are talking CA, Google "CA-DLSE fact sheet" to find out most answers to CA questions. "CA-DLSE manual" is even more complete.

      For federal, try "DOL.GOV fact sheet:.

      The fact sheets are not as legally authoritative as some sources but they are a good first place to get the basics.
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