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Missing cash from shared till

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  • Missing cash from shared till


    I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. We live in Maryland

    My daughter works for a large large chain of Steakhouses, she does curbside takeaway as her position.

    Throughout the shift, cash tips are put in the till, tip money is not separated from purchases until the end of the shift. They subtract the total cash sales from the till at the end of the shift and the difference is the pooled tip money. The manager will split up the cash and give it to them in a envelope, either that day or the next.

    The other night, the shared till came up about $200 short. The proprietor of the restaurant, split up the missing $200 cash between the 5 people who had access to the drawer.

    I don't believe this to be legal, however her employer says they didn't take anything from her money wise, since it was tip money. I don't agree with her, as the missing CASH was missing from the till used for both purchases and tips, hence no way to differentiate if the missing cash was for food or tips.

    I read the law to state, not responsible for cash shortages. However they withheld the approximately $30 in tip from 6 people who had access, money to help make up for the missing cash, they can't prove if an order wasn't paid for or what happened but they aren't eating the loss.

    FYI: The employees were paid for their tips that were put on credit cards.

    **See deductions from wages**

    Let me know if you have any questions or if I wasn't clear about something.

    Thanks, Ted

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    I'm going to let one of the payroll folk take this one.


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      It is not legal. Tips are earned wages. They cannot dock employee's wages for their business losses. However, for $30, unfortunately, she is probably going to have to accept it. Registering a complaint, either with corporate, or with the DOL is not going to be worth it.