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New paid family and medical leave tax credit Kentucky

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  • New paid family and medical leave tax credit Kentucky

    I do not know a lot about this bill and did not find too much online about it. My question is, we have short term disability that the company pays 100% for all employees as a company benefit. If someone is paid through this, and it is also FMLA, can this be deducted through this tax credit? What if we require them to use two or more weeks of vacation pay while they are on FMLA?

    Thanks for your help!

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    While this is new to me, I am certain that any tax credit is going to have to be dollars paid out of your pocket-so no, not payments from your STD company.

    I'm unsure on the vacation pay as it seems the law is quite vague. Honestly, if this was a higher dollar credit and the credit didn't expire in two years, I would imagine that's something that would get tested in court.

    Short version-this is what you pay your CPA for.