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Minimum hours worked Ohio

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  • Minimum hours worked Ohio

    I'm new to this, so thank you in advance for your help. I have exempt salaried employees and non-exempt salaried employees. Do my exempt salaried employees have to work a minimum number of hours in a day to get credit for a full day. I have been told they need only to work 1 hour and I have also been told they need to work 4 hours (half day), and would this be the law or a policy. Also, if these employees miss one full day, but work more than their 8 hours another day, does that time go towards the day they missed. We do offer a week of sick and a week of vacation time. For my non-exempt salaried, do they get paid only for hours worked or does the 4 hours (half day) constitute a full day.

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    Do my exempt salaried employees have to work a minimum number of hours in a day to get credit for a full day. Credit for what?


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      Credit for a full eight hours worked. Or do they get paid the same each week no matter if they work 16 hours that week or if they work 50 hours that week.


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        You pay exempt employees by the week.

        Pay can be docked (no pay due) in full day increments, under certain circumstances. Pay can be docked in less than a full day increment for absences under FMLA.

        The exempt employees merely need to show up for the day to get "credit." So, if one shows up, works for an hour and leaves, use available PTO to make up the balance of the time. If no PTO remains, the pay remains the same, but treat it as a performance problem (discipline or fire, if you wish).

        Salaried non-exempts are a whole different issue. The laws don't really address this critter. So long as you pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked, FLSA requirements have been met and the US Dept of Labor won't care. As I see it, since you must pay overtime if they work over 40 hours, you may as well dock (or use PTO) if they work less. It does not matter how many hours they work in a day.
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          Unless the time off falls under FMLA, an exempt employee must be paid for the full day if they performed any work that day. You may dock a leave bank for the time they miss, just not their pay. You may dock for full day absences for personal reasons if there is no leave available. You may dock full days for being sick so long as you have a bonafide sick leave plan and the employee still have no leave available.

          It does not matter how many hours a day a person works if they are exempt. If the employer wishes to allow employees to bank the time worked after 8 hours in a day and use it on another, that is entirely up to company policy. This is very rare.
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