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Confidentiality Agreement in AZ

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  • Confidentiality Agreement in AZ

    Does the employee and employer have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or is the employees signature only, make it valid?
    And is a Private Message stating that I signed the document just waiting for your signature make it valid?

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    Seems to me that depends on the wording of the agreement, and what it is that is being agreed upon to keep confidential. What is the situation?


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      I signed a confidentiality agreement, emailed it to my boss. Thats the last I heard of it. I quit after 2 weeks. Boss is telling me that its still valid, I told her no its not because she never signed it and returned a copy to me.
      It is just a standard agreement stating I can't talk about her business. I have no problem with this because she never really divulged anything to me worth repeating I quit because of this. Now she is refusing to pay me my last and only wages. I am looking into this because from what I have gathered about this person she is a scammer, hires people then doesn't pay them. She also stated that if I said anything she will get her lawyer to put a lien on my house. This is why I am looking into this. Since I posted this I have spoken to several people and all told me what I already know which is its not valid without her signature. BTW all her agreements are only signed by the person working for her.
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        Two very unrelated issues:
        - If your state has a DOL, file a wage claim. Do not bring up the NDA. The state will not care and let your employer do their own song and dance.
        - I have no idea how your states NDA laws work. I do not know if two signatures is required. I just know that nothing in any state's NDA laws justifies holding due wages. I have seen one signature NDAs in CA, and never gave it any thought. You might be trying to impose a rule that does no exist, and certainly is a meaningless detour. This is not a negotiated contract between equals but rather something imposed by the employer on the employee with the law's blessing.
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