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  • Fmla

    I have a person in our manufacturing plant with bad attendance. She missed 4/9, 5/19, and 6/7-6/9. She latter brought FMLA papers as well as Dr's excuses. The FMLA medical certification stated that she did not have to have treatment visits twice or more a year, she was given prescription medication, she was not referred to other health care providers. It said "depression, migraine, nausea, and vomiting."

    The excuses had a different end date than the FMLA form. I faxed a letter to the Dr, along with the excuses, to see which date was correct. They hand wrote on one of the excuses, "patient saw us on 6/13/18 and said she missed work due to migraines" and faxed it back.

    It sounded as if the employee told the Dr she had migraines without an official diagnoses. We have a real problem in this area with Dr's basically taking employees off work whenever they request it. I was not sure if I should count this as FMLA or not.