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> The url goes to a bunch of posts that you made through some of >your aliases like "bulldogwaw"
Oh Lord, hold on, I am on the floor, my side hurt. Bulldog?
Pangborn this is the first post at the link. Can you see who it's from? :

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As to Moore denials as himself and in his "Hank" personna, that he was ever
fired from the Sara Lee Crop. here we have the facts. Joe is still alive and
well and able to document the situation and the truth of the matter.

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Oconnor, you said earlier that you don't like jews. Why is that? __________________________________________________ ____ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com
The post you are referring to was titled "jmoc34's first flame" and
was posted around Jan 10. The reason I say "around" is because it is
now unavailable, but the responses to it show that a
[email protected] published it. Two people who contributed to
this thread noted that the anti-Semitic comment was a forgery (my
original post is archived in Deja News).

At that time, a scrambled Win95 registry prevented me from posting
to Usenet. Someone else actually made the complaint to the service
it was posted from (reference.com). The administrator who took the
complaint was so incensed that she had the entire domain where the
article was posted from locked out. The IP address of it was, which belongs to Sara Lee corporation.

I called up the Sara Lee CIO and he confirmed that the individual
who had posted the forgery (David Moore) "was no longer at Sara Lee".

In other words, his shenaniagans had gotten him fired. It may have
only been a temp position, but I know it upset him enough to fire off
one or two threatening posts (I've saved copies of them).

David has or had a plethora of Hotmail accounts with the IP, which are now all unavailable in Dejanews. He has
also sent me email with that address on it.

The reason for him doing all this? In October I caught Dave
attempting a clumsily executed hoax to publicize his web pages. A
day or two later, he was thrown off his ISP (Worldnet) - I had filed
a complaint with the abuse staff there. Interested readers can do a
Dejanews keyword search on "[email protected]".

Thank you for your interest in this matter. BTW, if you have any more
questions for me, please spell my name as "O'Connor", not "Oconnor".
Dave spells it the same way and I find it rather irritating.