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  • Bankruptcy & Medical Bills

    A year ago, I started working for a start up in Nevada. I knew it was a new place but the main guy owned another big company and everything seemed ok. The people seemed nice and cared for their people. The pay was also great and benefits great. After a few weeks at the job, they were having problems but I kept being assured that things were happening. Checks started to get returned nsf and were late. I didn't get paid my last four weeks. I filed a claim with the state. The company filed bankruptcy and so did the owner so they won't do anything and now him, the startup and his other company is bankrupt. I think there are other partners who didn't file bankruptcy but not sure. The problem now is they never paid the health insurance and I used it, now the doctors are coming after me for thousands in medical expenses when I thought I had medical insurance. I never thought this could happen, the owner seemed to care for people before this company he seemed to have a good history with his last company of twenty years so I never considered this but now he is bankrupt and I'm left with thousands in medical bills and no options. Any advice?

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    Call the hospitals and see what kind of forgiveness and payment plans are available. The sooner you do this the better-the more you are up front and try to work with them, the more likely they are to give you some relief.

    As far as legal remedies against this guy, long, drawn out process that will not help your immediate needs. And if he is bankrupt, probably nothing to recover anyway.