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  • Misrepresentation Colorado

    Would love some feedback on this one.

    I agreed to do a campground hosting position for the summer. The regional guy who does the hiring told me I would be hosting two campgrounds with 32 sites and 3 bathrooms for 40 hours a week. I agreed assuming it would be about 25-30 hours of manual labor and paid the rest to sit around and be a host. A week or two into the job they told me I had to manage two more campgrounds with 30+ sites and 4 more bathrooms...and the campgrounds were over an hour drive away. I had to do it twice a week. That added at least 12-15 more hours onto my responsibilities. Others hosts had around 20-30 sites and 4 bathrooms. I ended up with 60+ sites, 7 bathrooms, and 5 hours of driving. I did use the company truck. The new campground didn't have trash service so I had to haul out 15 bags of trash each time.

    My site manager said whoever does the first two campgrounds must do the other two. I said that was fine but that needs to be mentioned during the hiring process because I would never had taken this job. I could have done something else. I have a great career and did this just for something fun for the summer. I complained after they suggested I go up three times a week. The site manager said I could give up the second two campgrounds but they would have to cut my hours. I said I would think about it over the weekend but they fired me the next day. I was rather shocked. I did say that this was misrepresentation and I wonder if that didn't scare them into firing me immediately.

    Taking this job required me to move my RV to the other side of the state and incur various costs setting up for the summer. I lose three months of wages and now I'm unemployed with no notice. The company I worked for is based out of California but I was hosting in Colorado.

    I read a lot of comments on responsibilities not aligning with expectations, but what about sheer volume of work required. I think they knew it would be difficult to hire someone into this position so they hired me, got me to the area and set up, and then doubled my workload once they knew I was committed.

    Again any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Were you paid for all hours worked? Employers have the right to change your duties and schedule and you have the right to disagree. In the end your disagreement was enough for them. It sounds like they might not have known they needed someone at the 2nd location since it wasn't until a few weeks after you started the first.

    Sorry it didn't work out but I don't see anything illegal.'