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Is this considered blacklisting? Texas

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  • Is this considered blacklisting? Texas

    I own a small trucking company with a few drivers. The drivers pick up loads from a warehouse and deliver to my vendors. I have a good relationship with all of my vendors. But, the owner of the warehouse I usually pick up from has called all of the vendors and told them not to use my company anymore because of a personal argument we had. My vendors still need their deliveries but the warehouse owner won't sell them anything if my company will be delivering it. The vendors are being forced to call around to find other drivers. I have missed out on thousands of dollars. My drivers will probably soon quit too since I don't have any work for them.
    Is this considered blacklisting?

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    You can call it whatever you want. If it is legal or illegal is going to depend on the specifics of why the warehouse owner is doing it. With details a lawyer could tell you if his banning of your company and the way he did it is actionable.


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      agree that you need to speak with a local attorney. Details about the "personal argument" will matter (and I am sure you dont' want to post them out here)

      Do your vendors have a choice of buying from a different warehouse?

      here's one legal viewpoint on "tortious interference" -- do you have a contract with either the vendor or the warehouse for your services? If so, you might have more of a case than if it is a non-contractual based relationship.


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        Also, if there is an actual reason they do not like you, that reason may or may be of legal interest. But this is certainly a "talk to an attorney and bring your paperwork" type of question. Not labor law.
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