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Is legal change my job?

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  • Is legal change my job?

    I recently sent several online work applications, and received a response for one of them, and for my surprise this company was a subcontractor of one that had already sent my application previously, so 15 days later i receive a response from that contractor (offering me a job ) So I quit my job to get this position ( better pay and more benefits ), But now my old employer say, that I have to wait until a month to start work, (because that is not legal)

    For better understanding.

    I send several applications online to ( A,B ) jobs.

    An i get response from (A), so i get the job.

    (A) is a subcontractor of (B), So, after 15 days (B) respond to my job request and offers me a job.

    Now (A) says that's not legal, that i can not change, i must be unemployed for at least a month before starting work with (B)

    Is this true ?

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    Probably not true UNLESS you signed something with the old employer agreeing to this. Then we are talking about Contract Law, not Labor Law, and the answer would be to take the document you signed to a local attorney who would have to actually read the document. But what you describe is not a Labor Law requirement.
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      Also, A and B may have signed a contract between them, agreeing not to take on each other's employees unless an employee has been unemployed for at least one month. This is quite legal and also a matter of contract law, not labor law.