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How do I know if my employer paid my taxes after I quit? Florida

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  • How do I know if my employer paid my taxes after I quit? Florida

    I was under W2 working for a company established in Florida, but I was deployed to work in-site (at my own expenses) in California.

    I resigned but my two last paystubs were not issued to me, I asked in various occasions to the HR to send me my pay stubs but got no answer so far (it's been two months!)

    How can I know if my taxes are ok? My last payment was by check instead of my regular direct deposit, so how can I prove later that I got taxed for that income?


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    You've confused me somewhat. First you say you didn't receive your last two stubs and then you say your last payment was by check not Direct Deposit. Was the stub not attached to the check?

    Another thing that concerns me is if they were reporting your state withholding to California or Florida. It would seem to be that it should have been California because that is where you did the work.

    You will know when they send you your W2. If you are worried that they didn't pay taxes on your last two checks what makes you think they paid them on the ones before?


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      It is hard to tell if you think the taxes were not withheld or were withheld and not submitted to the government.

      Overall, I agree with payroll guy. If your taxes have been submitted correctly throughout your employment, why do you think it would change now?

      As for the live check rather than direct deposit, some companies have a policy that the last payment is always a live check. It allows the company to make changes easier than via direct deposit. For instance, the check is cut and then it comes up that you owe the company money for something on a credit card. Check is voided and reissued with a deduction. Direct deposits are harder to stop.


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        There should still have been a stub with the check.

        In any case, they will still have to issue you a W-2 at year end, and you will know then. If they didn't, you will just make up the difference when you file your taxes-it's probably not significant enough to cause a problem. But I find it unlikely that they wouldn't. I would be more concerned about the California/Florida issue, but again, honestly, even if they did take Florida taxes, the chances of California finding out are slim.

        If you are worried that they withheld the money but didn't pay the government, you don't need to be. That would be completely on them; you are in the clear.


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          Thank you all for the answers.

          While I was in California, I paid CA taxes, so I think that's ok according to your comments.

          There have been some irregularities with other employees in similar matters, and I did not wanted to be one more.

          But if something happens I should know when I recieve my W2, right? Is the company forced to issue it to me?

          thanks !!


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            Yes the company is legally obliged to issue you a W2. I will leave it to others to tell you the timeframe during which they must issue this, and what you can do if they don't issue it.


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              The employer must provide it by Jan. 31st of the following year. If they don't provide it by Feb. 28th, you can report it to the IRS.