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    And it is very possible that you and your wife have no idea as to what the ex-wife communicated to who and when. Most companies keep complaints confidential if at all possible. I am not saying that for sure the ex did or did not, but she could have. And if your wife the HR Director was the one being investigated, they might not even tell her even though she as HR director would normally know about complaints.

    That said, if the ex didn't complain, then it seems like your wife is the one who had the issue with it all along! And honestly it sounds like she might be the one stoking the fire if you believe your ex-wife is not bothered by it! Not the type of personality a company is going to want in the HR Director position.

    And no a new hire doesn't get to set conditions and then expect a free pass on anything to do with that condition. All your wife did was notify them of the possible conflict. While they knew about it, that doesn't mean she gets a free pass for the rest of her employment. Or that if the possible conflict happens that they can't let her go.

    Her being a second wife has absolutely no legal protection. It's like me at hire telling my future employer I need to eat chocolate at 3pm every day (for the non-religious, non-health-related reason that it just makes me happy) and they agree at hire. They can later make a rule that there is no chocolate in the building because other employees are jealous, are gossiping about it and want chocolate provided daily to every employee. I am free to quit. They are free to terminate me if I bring in chocolate.