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Husband relocates (AD Military) Wife on Probation in a federal position Federal

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  • Husband relocates (AD Military) Wife on Probation in a federal position Federal


    I am an active duty military stationed overseas. A year ago, my wife got accepted into a federal agency as an administrative employee, she just finished her year probation period. I got orders to PCS (relocate) back to the United States. I will move by myself about three months and then my dependents will follow me afterwards. We got some concerns:

    1. My wife wants to announce that we will be moving to her supervisor, but she is concerned that since she will eventually move she be terminated or given a bad annual appraisal. Furthermore, my relocation orders have her name as well as my other dependents on it and she is afraid that the agency might use that against her to terminate her employment.

    Does anybody in this forum has seen a situation like this?

    Can my wife be terminated because her husband will PCS?

    Is her concern valid that her name is in my relocation order and might be construed as if she was "hiding" information?

    Are there any US Code, Exec Order or any other law or statute or OPM rules that we can research and learn to prepare us?

    Any insight or help will be appreciated.
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    Anytime an employee announces they plan the quit the employer can accept their resignation early. In most cases if an employee becomes unemployed because they followed a military spouse, they will qualify for unemployment. I am not sure why you think her name on your orders makes one bit of difference or how the employer would see your orders. It is up to her to decide when to quit. Some employers appreciate having advance notice so they can have the departing employee overlap with the incoming one.
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      I'm pretty sure USERRA doesn't protect the jobs of spouses.